original core green

The Original Core

The Matracore original core was developed to solve the age old problem of consumers having different needs from the same mattress. Our original core allows the consumer to independently adjust their side of the mattress to their desired firmness without effecting the other side of the mattress.

twin core green

Twin-Zonal Core

We developed the twin-zonal support core to allow consumers to really refine their comfort levels in bed. Completely independent to the other side of the mattress, the twin-zonal core allows a user to adjust the feel from the head to the body on the mattress. This allows them to feel the ultimate comfort levels and never compromising on good quality sleep ever again.

adjustable core green

Adjustable Base Core

Often, with the need for adjustability, the need for an adjustable base is the first port of call for many consumers, and indeed, they do help with certain ailments or comfort preferences. The Matracore Adjustable Base Core gives full flexibility to allow the mattress to move with the base as well as full support with adjustable firmness without. Achieving the perfect feel of mattress can be difficult with adjustable bases because the choice of mattresses is often limited. The Matracore Dynamic Core allows consumers to be able to pick any firmness of mattress with the perfect alignment of an adjustable base at the touch of a button.