With the trend of mattress adjustability increasing in 2018, Matracore have developed and launched the first, fully integrated option to add adjustable firmness to any mattress manufacturing setup. The concept is open to manufacturers around the world to add the latest technology in the industry to their existing range without the need for change in their infrastructure.

The concept was born from Zommos, the UK’s first Adjustable Firmness Mattress at the touch of a button. After a successful product launch and much interest from key players in the mattress industry, Matracore was launched to cater for the individual needs of other factories and retailers around the globe.

The Patent Pending technology can be transformed into a mattress with less disruption to a production line than a traditional spring unit, whilst still allowing individual brands to create a signature finish and feel with comfort layers and fabrics.

Marketing and Operations Manager, Curtis Hague said “with the average lifespan of a mattress lasting 8-10 years the need for adjustability has become more prevalent as consumers are always wanting choice. To put this in to perspective, life changing events such as, moving in with a partner, marriage, pregnancy, children and body ageing can and does often happen all within the 8-10 year lifespan of a traditional mattress. The move to make the technology more widely available on a global scale will allow for factories and brands to cater for their customers needs, as and when they change”

The launch of the concept is being followed by continuous development on new products and bespoke designs to ensure the needs of all customers are met.

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