Having spent 30 years in the mattress industry, We have seen many changes and developments. Up to now, probably the biggest change was the introduction of memory foam, no spring, mattresses. That was in 1992, that’s 26 years ago! Since then the industry has struggled to keep pace with the consumers ever growing demands for new developments and technology.

Scented cover fabrics, new pattern design of borders, ever increasing spring counts have all come to the market but nothing has been a real game changer – until now, an adjustable firmness mattress, at the touch of a button.

No one likes compromise and yet couples have been forced into a mattress that at best suits one at worse suits neither.

Adjustable firmness technology has been around for 30 years The problem has been the fragmented structure of the product has prevented it from entering main stream factory production. With our patent pending developments it’s now possible to put the adjustable technology straight into everyday mattress production something not available until now.

After founding the company, Zommos back in 2017, here at Matracore we had refined the production process so much that we decided that we should allow all other great mattress manufacturers to be able to implement adjustable firmness technology into their own range of mattresses without any additional costs or disruption to their existing factory. The technology simply integrates into your existing setup as a foam encapsulated core and can be transformed into a finished mattress in minutes.

Our Products

Dynamic adjustable firmness technology

original core black

Matracore Original Core

twin core black

Twin-Zonal Support

adjustable core black

Adjustable Base Core