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What is Matracore?

Matracore is the only concept internationally that allows you to integrate adjustable firmness into your mattress production without any changes to your existing factory set up. The patent pending Matracore adjustable firmness core is less disruptive to your production line than foam encapsulating a spring unit.

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Customer Base

Globally, the importance of great sleep is moving to the forefront of consumers’ minds. Spending the most time in bed, more than any other place, consumers are realising the importance of getting it right. A traditional mattress can sure feel great at the point where a consumer buys, but circumstances change and so do a customer’s needs. From marriage and moving in with a new partner to pregnancy and the natural ageing process the need for a different firmness of mattress is will always arise. Matracore aims to offer a sustainable way to achieve the right feel of mattress whenever a consumer’s need change. Independently adjustable sleeping areas in our mattress cores allow for either sides of the mattress to be adjusted and even zonal support to allow for the right firmness at each part of the body.

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Made in the UK

Matracore is proud to develop and produce adjustable firmness cores right here in the UK. Our Staffordshire factory based in the heart of the UK is capable of supplying the mattress industry on an international level.

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Factory Integration

It’s less time consuming to produce a mattress with the Matracore technology than it is with a spring unit. Simply take the Matracore Dynamic Core, add your comfort layers and finish with your own choice of border and top fabric without adding any specific skill sets or training to your existing factory processes.

Our Products

Dynamic adjustable firmness technology

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Matracore Original Core

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Twin-Zonal Support

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Adjustable Base Core